We have many active ministries that are designed to come along side you in your walk with Christ. From outreach ministries to fitness ministries there is always some area for you to get involved in at The Bridge. 

Tim Rutherford 

We are a diverse group of believers – Preachers, musicians, social workers, teachers, public servants, business owners, parents  – united by our shared faith in a loving God. 

Dear Friends,

God is truly blessing The Bridge in so many ways. The growth of our people, as well the growth in numbers is nothing short of incredible. The past year was a wonderful year for our church. We believe 2019 will be even bigger. Let me share with you the accomplishments from our churches work in our Nitro Community.

  • Love Your Neighbor Summer Program- We’ve provided over 65,000 meals to school aged children in Nitro and surrounding areas
  • Saturday Morning free community breakfast- Provided over 15,000 free breakfasts to all that have come over the last 5 years.
  • Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners- We’ve fed over 1,000 of our community members and various homeless shelters
  • Community Picnics & Carnivals- Multiple events with free carnival games and food and refreshments

Matthew 25:35 For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.

Senior Pastor Mike Ramsey

Our vision is to BRIDGE the gap between a fallen world back to God. It's our mission to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your family life. 



Associate Pastor 

Service Times Sunday at 9:00 AM& 10:25 AM and Wed at 6:30PM

If any lacks Wisdom,  Ask!



If you know me, you should know I will always say Jesus is the BEST thing to ever happen to me.  I know beyond the shadow of doubt that if you know Him, you can say the same.  On behalf of all the people at The Bridge of Faith Fellowship we would be honored if you came to visit and worshiped with us at the Bridge,  However my deepest wish is that if you don't know Jesus yet please allow me to introduce you to Him.   May God bless you today and Always.

Pastor Harley Cline

 Today's youth are a unique group. Because of the noise, clutter, and excitement of their world, they are difficult to reach. nevertheless, God still holds we are adults responsible for them. we need to set our confession over them according to God's word. God's word says that Jesus has been made unto us wisdom. God's wisdom is flowing in my children, providing guidance, insight, and discernment in every area of their lives. God's wisdom in them gives them foresight and understanding concerning issues in their lives. God's wisdom teaches them to properly manage their time and prioritize their activities. I believe my children have wisdom beyond their years. they are level-headed and are able to think clearly and accurately when faced with perplexing situations. because of God's wisdom in my children's lives, they will make wise choices concerning their friends. they will be able to discern the consequences of their choices; therefore, it will be easy for them to make wise decisions. they have a sense of what is right and wrong. They are learning how to let God's wisdom be perfected in their lives. they are wise counselors and are able to have a positive impact on their family and friends. Because my children walk in the wisdom of God, they make significant and meaningful contributions to the lives of others. The lies and deceptions of the enemy do not fool my children. they recognize and reject any course of action that would possibly leave them in the wrong direction. my children are goal-oriented and understand that the consequences of their choices today are the building blocks of their future.

​When I have time, I enjoy working in my wood shop.  There is something about smelling fresh cut oak or black walnut that brings me peace. I enjoy having sawdust on my hands and the feel of good tool.  I can be with my grandfathers and Dad as I use the well-worn tools that have been passed down to me. The time I spend working with wood is therapy for my mind.   I am alone with my thoughts and have time to reflect on recent days.

Perhaps my favorite project involves the use of lumber that has been discarded, mistreated, or damaged so badly that to the untrained eye it is just garbage or kinder for the burn pile.   I take pride and satisfaction in taking discarded lumber and working it until it becomes useful or in some cases admired by others. I can recall one such time while I was making a wedding bench for my daughter. 

I had accumulated several odd and end pieces from other projects and I had lumber that had been in a fire.  It was badly charred and had a great deal of water damage but I knew it was made from red oak and the boards felt strong underneath all the obvious damage.  Other pieces had sections of rot and decay while more contained cracks from abuse.  It didn’t matter to me. I knew the potential that I had in my hands. I began to cut out the rot and decay.  I scrapped away the char and sanded through the wear and tear that had befallen my lumber. After several evenings of labor, I began to accumulate several pieces of wood that looked brand new.  Beautiful colors and grain was now showing where dirt, char, and abuse had been.

It was while I was working that the Lord spoke into my spirit.  My mind was focused on the task at hand when I heard Him say “I do this all the time…”.   I knew I was alone in my shop and it startled just the same.  Then I repeated those words,   “I do this all the time” and I realized that Jesus, the carpenter’s son does indeed do the same thing every day in every life. He uses lives.  Lives that have been discarded by others.  Lives that are tarnished because of abuse or neglect.  Broken lives that no one can repair.  God takes those pieces and begins a work. 

It is amazing to see what happens when wood is in the hands of a master carpenter.  They know where and what to cut and what to leave.  The master carpenter knows how to maximize each piece for maximum strength, beauty and value. Just like the Master Carpenter knows how to mold and shape our lives.  It is amazing what our lives can become when we place them in the hands of the Master Carpenter!

Only the Master Carpenter can make beauty out of our flaws and turn our weakness into strengths.  He knows how to finish us to enhance our value and worth.  He then knows how to put us all together so that we are stronger together than separated.  Thank God for those calloused nail scarred hands that know how to handle rough lumber!​

                                                                                 Brad Liston